Hi ! My name is Richard Lavigne, I'm a 27 years old mobile & web developer currently living in Paris.
I love technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Node.js. I spend alot of time developing but not only...
Design and User Experience are also domains that I follow everyday (I dribbble), I'm not that kind of developer who only code without looking around. I think that experiences are now much more important than features.
Try to create a feature without style... Be sure that someone will do it for you !

More details on desktop version.


Mobile & web developer - Anglab

since july 2013 - Paris

I'm working as a freelance web & mobile developer for editors and web agencies. (RATP, Megalo & Company, Webedia)

Technologies used : PHP5 (Zend, Laravel), REST/OAUTH2 WS, TDD, HTML5, CSS3, JS, Node.js, Android

Lead Developer - Touaregs

june 2012 - july 2013 - Paris

In charge of development and infrastructure, I accompany technical and commercial teams during development and tendering.
I intervene on pre-sales when customer needs technical details.
I'm currently working on CRM solutions for companies such as Guigoz or Toyota.

Technologies used : PHP5 (Zend), HTML5, CSS3, JS, Android, Drupal CMS

Mobile & Web Developer - Apocope

oct 2009 - may 2012 - Paris

My role was not only to develop mobile/web applications using advanced technologies, but also to design and think them. I intervened on pre-sales when customer needed technical details. We won a few projects thanks to me and I am proud of that. I also trained and managed a team composed of 4 developers and outsourced teams.

Technologies used : PHP5 (Zend), HTML5, CSS3, JS, Automated Deployment with Capistrano, TDD, Puppet, Ruby

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